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Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange


The Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange (JESIE) is an institutional unit of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE). JESIE's current roles were originally functions of the JPDE's Division of International Cooperation and Exchanges (DICE) but due to increased workloads, became a separate entity in 1997. Throughout the ensuing 20 years of sustained effort, JESIE has developed to become the largest professional comprehensive organization engaged in educational services for international exchange in China.

JESIE, along with its affiliates, was the first government intermediary organization in China to obtain the requisite approval from the Ministry of Education to provide consultation services for self-financed students wishing to study abroad. JESIE also provides private entry and exit services on behalf of the Ministry of Public Security. 

Furthermore, JESIE has been granted approval by the State Administrations of both Foreign Experts and Foreign Affairs to recruit and recommend foreign teachers to Jiangsu schools, colleges and universities. The JPDE has also licensed JESIE to issue non-degree Sino-international joint education qualifications.

JESIE operates a number of subordinate units including: the Jiangsu Education Exchange Center for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Jiangsu Training and Research Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education, the Jiangsu International Education Consulting Co., Ltd., the Jiangsu College for International Education; Jiangsu Education International Travel Service, the Jiangsu International Language Training Center and the JESIE-Goethe Language Center. 

JESIE provides a diverse range of services, among them are: Teacher Training Program (Overseas), Teachers Training Program (Jiangsu), Study abroad Program for Excellent New and Experienced Teachers and Principals from Tertiary Institutions, International Teachers Recruitment Program, Scholarship Program for Undergraduates studying overseas, Discover Jiangsu-Youth Leaders Cultural Immersion Program, Study in Jiangsu Province Program for International Students, Study Tours, Study Abroad Program, International University Pathways Program, TOP-UP Program and Management of a TOEFLibt (Test of English as a Foreign Language) testing center. JESIE is also responsible for the establishment of Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms, and has formed nearly 200 international school partnerships. JESIE facilitates the world-renowned Jiangsu International Forum for School Principals. Furthermore, JESIE maintains the JPDE's official website. On average, JESIE provides services for more than 45,000 people annually. 

In recent years, JESIE has consistently outperformed providers of similar services at the provincial level throughout China in several categories. 

These accomplishments include:

1. Being the only educational exchange organization in China to have overseas education bases(3);

2. The most primary and middle school students studying abroad annually (5000);

3. The most teachers and school administrators studying abroad annually (2,300);

4. The most recruitment and recommendations of foreign teachers annually (300);

5. In 2003, JESIE established the Jiangsu College for International Education, which was the first and remains the largest of its type approved by the educational administrative department.