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TEFL in China


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in China

First, do I need a TEFL in China certificate?

If you want to be an ESL teacher in China, but don’t have the 2 years of teaching experience needed to get a work permit, then YES, the TEFL in China certificate is the best option for you, because getting this certificate means you could get a work permit as an ESL teacher in China without 2 years of working experience.

If you are currently an ESL teacher who wants to find a better job, or want to improve your ESL-teaching capability to work in China, our training would also benefit you. You will learn how to teach English in China, how to adapt to cultural differences, and become acquainted with the laws and regulations for foreign teachers in China.

How can I get a TEFL in China certificate?

To gain the TEFL in China certificate, you need to:

  • Fully complete the TEFL in China training course with an average of 70% or higher at a TEFL in China training center that is authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), like JESIE.

  • Pass the exam with a minimum of 70% average.

  • Complete your entry into the evaluation system for foreign language experts at


Can non-native speakers of English takethe course?

Yes. However, you must be an overseas applicant, possessing proficient level of English.

What is in JESIE’s TEFL in China training and when is it?

It is a 60 hour program split into the following components:

  • 40 hours of in-class teacher training

  • 5 hours of out-of-class lesson planning, presentation preparation and exercises

  • 15 hours of reading

Four components of coursework are graded:

  • Attendance

This is weighted for 10% of the course grade.

  • Quizzes

These are weighted for 20% of the course grade.

  • Micro-Teaching

These are weighted for 30% of the course grade.

  • Paper-based Exam

(50 multiple-choice questions, T/F and Matching; 5 essay questions)

These are weighted for 40% of the course grade.


When is the exam?

The exam session is held at the very end of the course during the PM2 session of the final day.

How long is the exam?

The exam is timed with a limit of 90 minutes.

What’s on the exam?

In terms of what will be covered on the exam, there is likely to be content from the major areas covered in the course: methodology, planning, pronunciation, theory practice, and culture. Material that was in the assigned reading homework and presented during training time is very likely to be covered on the exam.

Do we get to use the book or any notes when taking the exam?


What if I fail the exam?

In order to earn your certificate, you must pass the exam with 70% or higher, and must have an average grade of 70% or higher. If your score is too low, we will assist you by providing make-up materials, if you have made a decent effort toward the regular course.


When will I get my certificate?

It can take up to two weeks to authorize and mail your certificates. The things that can delay your certificate include:

  • the trainee has failed the exam or another part of the course

  • the trainee has not completed their tests in the Online Evaluation system

  • the trainee has not supplied a mailing address

  • a weekend and/or holiday delays the regular processing time

Do you arrange accommodation or food?

The tuition does not include accommodation nor food. Nevertheless, we would be glad to help you place reservations at a hotel nearby JESIE. JESIE is located in the safe and foreigner-friendly Gulou District, you could easily find lots of Asian and Western restaurants within a walking distance to have meals.

How can I get to JESIE?

The address of the TEFL in China training center at JESIE is: No. 205 Shanghai Road, Gulou District, Nanjing. It is very close to the Exit 1 of Yunnan Road Station of Metro Line 4 (aka. the Purple Line). If you decide to take a taxi to JESIE, you could show the following address information to the driver: