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Teacher Management


Each JESIE Teacher will be asked to:

  • Fulfill teaching duties at their program school in a professional manner

  • Submit lesson plans on time to their Academic Supervisor each week for feedback

  • Submit Monthly Summary Reports at the end of each month

  • Submit an annual Teacher Assessment Report

  • Observe a fellow JESIE teacher and submit a Peer-to-Peer Observation Report once a month

  • Attend scheduled staff meetings

  • Participate in Open Day activities and other JESIE special events when required

Samples and templates:

Lesson Plan: Primary School Lesson Plan for Grade 2 Students.pdf

Monthly Summary Report: JESIE MONTHLY SUMMARY REPORT_template.pdf

Annual Teacher Assessment Report: Annual Assessment and Evaluation Form.pdf

Peer-to-Peer Observation Report: Peer-to-peer classroom observation form_VG.pdf

Each JESIE Academic Supervisor will be asked to:

  • Provide weekly supervision and feedback on teachers' lesson plans, lesson observation and feedback throughout each school term

  • Assist with lesson planning and classroom management issues

  • Help to manage and chair staff meetings

  • Assist with the development of Open Days and other JESIE special events

  • Develop new programs and teacher resources

  • Give foreign teachers a helping hand in adjusting to life in China and being a teacher in a Chinese public school where many cultural differences may be encountered

  • Make certain that foreign teachers meet JESIE professional standards