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The Doctor Will See You Now——June Open Day Report



Nanfeng Primary School

Will and Jennifer

Reporter: Sam

JESIE teachers Jennifer and Will arrived at Nanfeng Primary School to teach the Open Day students all about visiting the hospital.

Jennifer's Grade Three class began with a warm up song that had the students laughing and dancing along with a great video. After presenting the target vocabulary for the day, Jennifer  went on to play two exciting games to practice the new words – cut, fever, headache, stomach ache, runny nose and sore throat. Students took part in a mime version of Chinese whispers, with the last student in each team's line contending to touch the correct flashcard on the board. This was followed by a game of Shark! – where a pair of students competed to identify target vocabulary, and racing to the back of the classroom when a shark picture appeared. The lesson concluded with some drilling of the question and answer combination "What’s the matter?" "I have a _____." The students in Jennifer's Open Day were well behaved and enthusiastic from beginning to end.

Will's class kicked off  with some TPR and introductions. Students were  introduced to the new vocabulary – Doctor, sick, cough, fever, headache and stomach ache - followed by a reveal game on the computer, where each of the pictures unveiled bit by bit. Next came a few rounds of the Flyswatter game, with students from each team enthusiastically racing to 'swat' the correct flashcard on the board. Will presented the target dialogue, "Doctor, I am sick." "You have a _____." and had the students practice using the ever-popular Minesweeper game – ensuring loads of anticipation and excitement at every turn.  



Meili Middle School

Theard and Megan

Reporter: Tom

JESIE Wuxi held their latest Open Day at Meili Middle School on Thursday, June 7th. The theme was At the Hospital, one of those very useful topics that we hope we don’t need to use.

Class 10 were thrilled and enthused by Megan‘s class, learning vocabulary for ailments and treatments and consolidating them through games that tested their speed of recall in a direct showdown. Team One carried the day in this early phase of competition, though Team 2 caught up in the next round, about treatments. Next the students played a random, Wheel of Fortune game, trying to match the ailment with the treatment. Next up was a question chain game, where Students reported their symptoms and offered advice about how to treat them, all the while remembering what their predecessors had said. Megan’s lively charismatic style meant the activities were involving and engaging, and the class were all smiles by the end.

Meanwhile, class 4 were treated to a classwith Theard, who taught ailments vocabulary through a variety of pictures, actions and games, where the students competed head to head to accurately produce the target vocabulary. They then learned the question "What's the matter?" and practiced the dialogues together to consolidate the new language. Next the students learned vocabulary for treatments, and practiced matching them with the relevant ailment, while throwing a ball at a bullseye to determine the points for a right answer. They then synthesized all the new vocabulary into the conditional sentence: "If you … you should…" and practiced giving valuable advice to each other. Every stage of the lesson was framed as a fun game and Theard ramped up the competitive atmosphere throughout, to the obvious delight of the students.

After class, it was time for teachers from JESIE and Meili Middle School to mingle and discuss English Education, a perfect way to round off a fun and productive afternoon.  



Chunxing Primary School

Julie and Davean

Reporter: Danny

On the 14th of June, Julie and Davean made their way to Wuxi ChunXing Primary School. The theme for the days lessons was at the hospital. Julie opened her class with a funny cartoon video of Mr. Bean at the hospital, which gave the students a good guess as to what the lesson would be about as well as settling them into their class. Once Julie had introduced all the new ailments and cures to the students, she played a game with miming. The students were laughing hysterically watching their classmates attempt to act out broken arms.

Davean was up next, her opener was a video and a dance. The students truly appreciated a chance to shake loose and get a break from the usual mundane school life. Once Davean had introduced her vocabulary, she played a mime game followed by a fly swatting game where the students had to pay close attention to the slide show and swat the fly when it appears. The students loved this game.She also played a game where the students had to guess the ailments acted out by another student, the performances were epic.