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New Horizons——Head Teacher Mini Workshop Report

On June 21 and 22, the JESIE head teachers from Nanjing and Wuxi had their first ever mini workshop to share ideas about duties and develop new ideas for Open Day lessons. 

It was an exciting chance for teachers from different cities to connect and inspire each other in the development of new material. It was also a chance for one of our previous teachers to reconnect with the JESIE teachers and staff before assuming his new duties this August.

During the two-day workshop, the teachers were able to showcase material on space, the very first marathon, snooker, the first Olympic Games, natural disasters, the water cycle, exploration and discovery by the Vikings, and baseball. 

The demo lessons covered from Grades 4 to 10, and demonstrated various ways to use and scaffold more difficult material than usually covered in Open Day lessons. 

Some highlights were the use of the sheltered instruction approach in the lesson on the water cycle, and some amazing PPT wizardry in the lesson about snooker. The mini workshop ended with some serious discussion about new Open Day horizons and a lovely meal with teachers and Chinese staff.