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Nanjing Yincheng Primary School

Nanjing Yincheng Primary School, founded in 2001, is the first branch school of Nanjing Lasalu Primary School. It has two campuses: South Campus and North Campus, with 66 classes, 143 teachers and 3,209 students.  The school has a group of energetic and unpretentious young teachers, and an administrative staff of educated, highly capable administrators and leaders.  Together they form a cooperative and innovative team.

The school has a distinctive school-based curriculum system. The curriculum aims to guide the students through comparative reading, using both the brain and body and cultivating the students’ ability to think and innovate.  It aims to cultivate students with confidence, courtesy and modesty.  Another goal is to teach students national cultural etiquette and improve their cultural literacy.

The school engages competitions, receives delegations from across the province, and organizes various kinds of training and learning activities for students to grow.