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Nanjing No.5 Senior High School

Nanjing No. 5 Senior High School developed from one of three temporary national middle schools that were founded in Nanjing after the defeat of the Japanese in 1945, the No. 2 National School. The No. 2 National School became a municipal school and was renamed in as Nanjing No. 5 Senior High in 1946. Through continued hard work and perseverance, our school was designated as a four-star high school in 2005. Since 2011, our school has strived to construct a humane school that aims to cultivate students with ambition, healthy minds, and knowledge in arts and science. In 2012, our school received an acknowledgment for excellence in teaching. Currently, all our teachers and students are working hard to achieve a high quality education. Our teachers are consistently working to design new curriculums and the upgrade teaching methods. Our goal is for our school to be a place where all the staff and students can work and study happily. We will continue our efforts to construct a top school in Nanjing.