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Nanjing Confucius Temple Primary School (CTPS)

Nanjing was the ancient capital of six dynasties; the Confucius Temple, with its classical Chinese beauty and elegance, is a relic of those historic times. The Nanjing Confucius Temple uniquely combines the cultural traditions ancient China with the flourishing ideas of modern times. Here, in the famous, century-old Nanjing Confucius Temple Primary School, quality educational concepts developed in modern times are fused with the essence of Confucian ethics, based on the philosophy of the first Chinese sage two thousand years ago. The Nanjing Confucius Temple Primary School (CTPS), being the only school named after Confucius in China, connects the past and future, and takes pride in its continued promotion and expansion.

In 1907, when abolishing imperial examinations and running new schools was put forward, the school was built beside the Dacheng Hall of the Confucius Temple, as one of the earliest modern schools in the modern history of China.  Through the hardships of the last century, the broad and profound ideas of Confucius have formed the spirit of CTPS, which is never be content with your study, never be impatient with your teaching. Recruiting excellent teachers who have provided decades of students with high quality instruction and mentorship, CTPS has nurtured generations of students to learn widely, inquire earnestly, and deal with things thoughtfully. Carrying the mission of providing quality education, CTPS demonstrates and practices a teaching philosophy that combines the education ideas of Confucius with modern innovation to preserve and expand the dignity and worth of Chinese education.