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Nanjing Little Red Flower Primary School

Founded in Sep. 2011 by the Education Bureau of Jianye District and the Department of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Nanjing, Nanjing Little Red Flower Primary School is a full-time public primary school under the administration of the Education Bureau of Jianye District. The school covers 22000 square meters and currently has 5 grades with 11 classes and 288 students, as well as 37 full-time teachers from prestigious colleges and universities. The school became a branch school of the Nanjing Zhiyuan Foreign Language Primary School in Jan. 2014 and changed its official name accordingly on May 6, 2016. Since then, the two schools have applied a unified management system, teacher allocation system, quality control and performance evaluation system, thus making efforts to build an outstanding school with excellent classes that nurture superior students.