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Nanjing Lixian Primary School

Nanjing Lixian Primary School was first established as Nanjing Cheng Xian Street Primary School Branch in 2007, and was renamed in 2015. It is located at NO.9, Wangban Road, in the Xuanwu District. Li Xian Primary School includes a teaching building, an administration building, gym, canteen, and classrooms equipped with media technology and internet access. We also take pride in our use of green space and plants to provide a lovely school environment. Our student body includes 1000 students, with 56 teachers; while all of our teachers have university degrees, 15 have also been awarded honors for their excellence in teaching. As a young school, we also reach out to experienced educators from other schools to assist in specialized subjects. Lixian Primary School wishes to ensure students not only excel in academically, but that they also develop strong foundations in practical life skills and social skills so that they can be confident and productive members of society. Apart from regular academic courses, we offer students special courses for topics such as etiquette, art, and health. We also have many clubs for the children like writing, speaking, oral English, painting, dancing, singing, football, basketball and so on. Students at Lixian Primary School can have lots of fun!