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Nanjing Tianzheng Primary School

Nanjing Tianzheng Primary school was established in 2007. It occupies roughly 87500sq.m. The whole construction area is about 9500O. This modern school began with a high-end starting point and is equipped with the most advanced facilities. 

The school is a member of the Langya Road Primary Group, which provides courses, teaching, management and other support. This membership ensured that Tianzheng Primary School began with a very solid foundation. 

The school actively participates in teaching research and development; a framework entitled "Doing Sufficient Research + Self Practice" is followed. This is a combination of top-down and bottom-up design, providing for huge flexibility in individual teaching. During the research and development process, the school's teaching quality has demonstrably improved greatly; showing excellent results.

The school's diverse activities have clearly enhanced its school culture. In 2014, the school was given the title of 'garden school', since it is well-known for following a 'green school' ethic. 

School Address: No.19 Sichuan Road (No.86 Lu Xi Yin) Nanjing.

The school is conveniently located for these stations and airports: 

  • To Nanjing Lukou Airport: 48 km; 43 mins by car 

  • To Nanjing Station: 3.3 km, 7 mins by car

  • To Nanjing South Station: 20 km, 30 mins by car

  • To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: 300 km; 3 hours by car

  • To Shanghai HSR Station: 300 km; 1.5 hours by bullet train